7 Causes of Compressor Lubricating Oil Consume Excessive

Many users of oil lubricated screw air compressors experience this scenario: not long after maintaining the machine, they find that the lubricating oil is consumed abnormally fast, accompanied by oil spills.

Here are some potential reasons:

Seal Issues

The oil seal may be uninstalled or damaged, causing lubricating oil to leak. The oil seal is a key part preventing this leakage. It isolates the lubricated transmission components from the output components.

The solution is to inspect the installation and quality of the oil seal, replacing it as needed.

Excessive Oil Level

Too much lubricating oil could be swiftly consumed due to the airflow. Check if the oil level of the screw air compressor exceeds the normal range, and adjust the oil level to an appropriate level after shutdown.

Effects of High Oil Temperature

Under high temperature conditions, the consumption of lubricating oil will accelerate. It’s necessary to investigate the cause of high temperature and take measures to cool it down.

Lubricating Oil Quality Issues

Using non-compliant or deteriorated lubricating oil may result in poor lubrication effect and increased fuel consumption. It’s advisable to choose high-quality lubricating oils that meet the standard, such as synthetic oils rather than mineral oils.

Unidirectional Valve Faults in the Oil Return System

If the unidirectional valve is damaged, the lubricating oil may flow back into the oil separator when the machine is turned off. This causes the lubricating oil to fail to return in time when starting up next time, thus carried out with the air. The solution here is to check and clean the unidirectional valve, replacing it when necessary.


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Problems with the Oil Return Pipeline

Improper installation or blockage of the oil return pipeline will impede the normal return of the lubricating oil. It’s crucial to check the installation position and the unobstructed nature of the pipeline, making adjustments accordingly.

Overloading and Low Pressure Operation

When the compressor operates for a long time under pressure lower than the rated pressure, the flow speed of the oil-gas mixture through the oil separator accelerates. This increases the load on the oil separator and raises oil consumption.

The solution is to select appropriate low-pressure compressor product based on actual demand.

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